Psychological Capital Assessment

Philip Botes

Philip Botes

Philip Botes


Majoring in diverse fields such as economics, law and industrial psychology has given Philip a very rounded understanding of various business elements. Philip has travelled to numerous countries around the world and these opportunities have allowed him to experience numerous cultures first hand, which in turn has taught him invaluable lessons regarding the power of diversity.

He has demonstrated high performance and received awards at two universities. He has been selected in various leadership positions in different contexts and his resilience and analytical skills enables him to make unique contributions when solving a wide range of problems. He has shown a natural affinity for Organisation Development, enjoys working in teams and learning from different people.

B Com (Law) (University of the Free State), B Com (Hons Industrial Psychology) (Cum Laude) (University of the Free State), M Com in progress (Industrial Psychology) (University of Stellenbosch).