Psychological Capital Assessment

Philip Botes

Philip Botes

Philip Botes

Industrial Psychologist

Philip is an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist who has worked with various South African organisations in the Human Resources field and has been intensely involved in projects pertaining to Organisational Design and Structure, Organisational Change, Talent Management and Performance Management. He also has extensive Medico-Legal experience working with various law firms across the country in support of their client’s Personal Injury, Medical Negligence and Loss of Support claims.

He has demonstrated high performance and received awards at two universities. He has been selected in various leadership positions in different contexts and his resilience and analytical skills enable him to make unique contributions when solving a wide range of organisational problems.

His areas of expertise include Organisational Design and Structure, Organisational Change, Process Optimisation, Job Evaluation, Performance Management, Remuneration, Psychometrics and Medico-Legal.

B Com (Law) (University of the Free State), B Com Hons (Industrial Psychology) (Cum Laude) (University of the Free State), M Com (Industrial Psychology) (University of Stellenbosch).